Oct 13, 2016

Learning Disability and a Huge Win

Last May my son's teacher came to my classroom to talk to me. That is never a good sign. She let me know that it was my choice but she was recommending him for summer school. My heart sank. I did not want to hear that.

Now he wasn't in danger of repeating Kindergarten, but she was afraid that without summer school he would struggle in first grade. My husband and I decided to send him mostly because he's a twin. Down the road if he ever needed to repeat a grade it would be devastating. Plus it was only 13 days long so it wouldn't kill him summer.

Best Decision!

Seriously the best decision.

One of his good friends was in the class so he had fun. Lunch was included and buying lunch at school was the highlight of his day. And not to mention the fact that his reading level went up. At the end of Kindergarten he was a D, and on the second week of first grade he was an E.

And he wasn't there for reading, he was there for writing. His learning disability causes him to have problems writing. But the reading level was a huge win. He struggled all year in reading until the fourth quarter so seeing his reading level go up over the summer was great.

Yes we went to the library every week and they also wrote in a summer journal everyday, but I know summer school made a huge impact. He had an amazing summer school teacher who knows how to push kids. She told me that she saw a night and day difference in Mark between the first few days of school and the last few days of school in his work habits.

Mommy gets books too and sometimes has a cute little creeper. 

Oh how he struggled with work habits in Kindergarten. Being able to work independently in first grade is very important.

This new reading level is a huge win for Mark. He struggled so much in the beginning of Kindergarten and now he's on target right where he should be in first grade. Any special needs parent will tell you that this is the moment they long for. When the progress report only shows good news.

I'm so proud of this little guy!


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