Mar 30, 2017

Parenting Gold - Anything Goes Thursday

Occasionally I stumble on parenting gold. A few weeks ago I had one of those moments after having a rough day at work and I didn't want to cook dinner. Normally I would ask my husband to cook dinner or grab some takeout but it was a Thursday when he had Bible study and wouldn't be home. I was on my own, tired, with 3 kids who insist on eating dinner. Every night! Every single night!

I know right?

That was when Anything Goes Thursday was born. I told my kids that they could eat anything they could make for dinner. After dinner they needed to clean up the kitchen and once that was done they would get some tablet time.

This is a huge reward since we are a screen free house during the week.

Now imagine if I said kids I'm too tired to cook so make your own dinner and clean up the kitchen.

They would have started a revolution, there's no way they would have gone for that.

But Anything Goes Thursday was a huge success. My kids were so excited about being in charge of their dinner and getting to use tablets on a weekday. Two weeks later when my husband's Bible study rolled around they begged me to have Anything Goes Thursday again.


So now it's what we do when Daddy isn't home. It's nice getting a night off from cooking. Plus I get reading time while they are on their tablets which is a win for me. The best part is they think this is a reward for getting homework done and getting ready for school the next day without bickering.

It's parenting gold. Try it and tell me if it works for you.

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