May 11, 2017

Buy P&G at Costco

I love Costco! It is the greatest store. You can buy food, clothes, and cleaning supplies all in one trip. On my last trip I bought my kids bathing suits, food, and picked up cleaning supplies. I love that I can buy almost anything I need in one place. Plus when you're a twin mom like myself the lure of the double child seat is almost enough to make you want to shop there.

Another reason why I love Costco is that it's one of the few stores my kids enjoy. For them the lure is the samples, checking out the middle section where the toys are located, and taking home a box to color and use in whatever imaginary game they are playing.

Costco is the perfect place to stock up on cleaning supplies. A family of five goes through items like laundry detergent and dish detergent fast. It's more practical for me to buy these items in bulk so I'm not constantly running to the store. Thankfully my favorite P&G products are sold at Costco.

I have three children and I do about 6 loads of laundry a week. Even more laundry in the winter is just another reason to love summer.  There's nothing worse than needing to do laundry and being out of detergent, which is why I like to buy it in bulk. I'm better off buying it once every other month than buying small bottles more often. Plus you save money when you buy it in bulk. I love using Gain on my kids' clothes, the stains come out and it makes their clothes smell fresh.  

I also buy dish detergent and dish soap at Costco. I love the convenience of having large containers that don't run out very often. That bottle of Dawn will last for months in my house. It's too big for my counter so I just refill a smaller bottle for everyday use. 

Now the best part about this particular shopping trip is that all four items where on sale. This is the wonderful sign you want to see when shopping at Costco. 

Who doesn't like saving even more money? You're already buying these items at a great price but when there's a coupon the savings are even better. You might think that buying that many Swiffers at once is excessive but it's not. With 3 kids we need to clean the floors everyday. I know it sounds excessive but we essentially live in the woods and our floors take a hit from all the pine tree debris my kids track in.

Make your life a little easier and shop for your favorite P&G supplies at Costco. And follow Proctor and Gamble on Twitter and Facebook.

I received these products for free from Smily360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smily360 at 


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