Jun 30, 2017

Summer Journals - How to work on Writing Skills over the Summer

Blame the teacher in me, but I just can't let my kids go through a whole summer without writing. Reading is easy for my kids since they all like to read but writing is another story.

Enter summer journals.

This is our second summer making journals and I'm getting the same push back this summer from my kids. Whining, complaining, making me want to scream at them.

You know, they're being kids.

I finally got a brilliant idea and pulled out last years journals for them to look through. And to quote my daughter Isabella "oh now I get it, we are recording our memories so we will know what we did during the summer."

Big spender with my 10 cent notebooks I stock up on at the beginning of the year.

Yes, and working on writing all summer long.

Here's how our journals work. I print out pictures of what we are doing that week. I glue the pictures to the top of the page and they write about it. Some days we are just hanging around the house and I don't have the kids journal on those days. But usually we do something worth printing a picture over a few times a week. Sometimes the picture isn't something special but it's a picture of the cool bug they caught at the park.

They aren't writing everyday and that's OK with me. But they are writing 3-4 times a week and they will have a great memento of their summers to look back on one day.

This was an entry from Molly's journal last year after finishing Kindergarten.

"When we went tubing we saw a ??? and we had fun"

And this her first journal entry this summer after finishing 1st grade.

I love seeing her growth! She was pretty amazed too. I'm hoping today was a turning point for my kids and they'll stop fighting me on these journals. Either way, we are doing them so they might as well have a happy heart about it.

How do you encourage summer reading with your kids?


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